The approach I use is called Object Relations. This approach has a unique richness in allowing problems to unfold. This type of therapy works in depth, allowing layers to surface for observation and understanding. Connections and patterns appear as feelings, dreams, and thoughts emerge and as interactions take place between the client and the therapist.

A lot of my clients don't know what is wrong with them, but they definitely know things are not right. As a therapist, I am often helping clients put things back together, inside, things that got disconnected or lost that need to be reclaimed.

Feeling is a way of thinking. I work with clients in a therapy session to keep both of these in mind, so that the thinking clarifies feeling and vice versa. In this way, I help clients affirm both their thinking and feeling. Just by talking with me, my clients say that they feel different and think better.

This is in-depth therapy: it is complex and elegant and takes time and dedication to master, and not every therapist is trained to do this. I have been learning and now teaching this method for 20 years. It's not for every client. The clients who want this are those who want to make real change and need a therapist with empathy and expertise. That is what I bring to the work, to collaborate with my clients who are poised to accept and finally understand themselves.